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Director, SKD Education

Steven's secret weapon is laughter! Being his client, you will not only leave looking great but also feeling good. Since the start of his career in 1987, his experience in hair photo styling, hair shows, and hair education, combined with your image desires, is the recipe for perfect synergy. Steven believes education and dedication transforms a stylist into an artist. By sharing his arts and learning from his peers and clients, Steven continues to develop exciting original ideas.

Steven's Pricing:

  • Female Cut: $95

  • Male Cut: $60

  • Color/Cut: $175+

  • Color/Foil/Cut: $225+

  • Foils/Style: $200+

  • Brazilian Blow-out: $325 for 2 hours $100/Hour if more than 2 hours

  • Blow-out Style: $50+

*Please note these are only a few of Steven's services - other services are available. Call for more information. 

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